RP-SMA Cables — Indispensable To Our Modern Lives

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When SMA Cable, short for SubMiniature type A, was invented in 1960s — no one could have known that it would have such an impact on our modern everyday lives. Without it, our approach to information sharing would be quite more difficult since there wouldn’t be any network for us to connect to and gather data. Yes, these cables and connectors are used in all sorts of antennas, which enables us to stay in contact with the world at all times and in all places.3M-WiFi-Antenna-Router-RP-SMA-Extension-Cable-144

It would be fairly hard to live our modern lives without the usage of WiFi which provides us with internet access on different gadgets; cellular network with which we can easily send and receive voice data everywhere with the simple touch of the finger; GPS, without which we wouldn’t be able navigate in foreign areas; Bluetooth, which drastically improved the speed and ways of information exchange; LTE, peak of human innovation regarding information sharing technologies.

SMA Cable consists of a coaxial cable and a pair of polarized connectors set for the impendance of 50 ohmm. It is produced for a DC circuit with frequencies up to 18 GHz. Connectors consist out of two parts: male part, which has a pin in the middle which is inserted into the female connector and screw thread on the inside on which the female connector is screwed; female part that has a hole and an outside screw thread. For contact between the connectors, a polytetrafluorethilene dielectric is used insuring a charge free environment. Because the materials used in the connector are highly sensitive and fragile, a finite number of repeated connections can be made before it gets unusable. This is the reason SMA cable is not a good solution for weather antennas. Because of their fragileness, and the fact that male connector with the sensitive pin was usually the antenna or a lead and technicians often don’t handle them with care, a new version of SMA connectors has been made that improves the durability of the pin located on the male connector.

RP-SMA, or reverse polarity SMA, is a similar connector but only with inverted screw threads on the male and the female parts.
While we don’t often care about technicalities behind our everyday devices and gadgets, we ought to pay some respect and be proud of those people who went through a lot of effort and sleepless nights to invent something as simple as an SMA connector but which plays an important role in our lives and which we take for granted. Visit www.data-alliance.net for information about sma cables and other wifi related topics.